Braids and Beach Waves

by Maegan Porto


Beach Waves


Been to the beach lately? If you have, you may have noticed the effortless yet glamorous and natural beach wave everyone seems to be sporting! Beauty has taken over the beach from beautiful hats to boho kimonos! Here I will be giving you some tips on how to achieve the perfect beach wave.

If you have pin straight hair like me, this effortless beach wave isn’t so effortless…. However, the effort is 100% worth it once you reach beach babe status! The number one product you will need for this look is a sea salt spray. This provides a somewhat rough and grainy coat on your hair that will give you the perfect texture for this look (I would recommend Eufora’s Sea Spritz). You can create this look from wet or dry hair. FOR WET HAIR: After your shower, towel dry your hair and then spritz some sea salt spray all over your hair. Be careful as to not soak it in salt spray or it will dry feeling crunchy. Once you’ve sprayed your hair with the salt spray, split your hair into 4 or 5 different sections, grab each section and twist it around your finger until the base is tight and make a small bun by twisting the hair around the base and securing the bun with two bobby pins by criss-crossing them.

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Repeat this for each section. Once all of your buns are secured to your hair you can either apply heat to them with a blow-dryer or leave them in to dry naturally. Once you undo your buns, apply a little more salt spray and shake your hair to separate the waves. If you have very straight hair, scrunch a little curling foam (I use Eufora’s Curl’n Foam) for some structure. Bam! Once it’s fully dry you should have some textured beach waves! FOR DRY HAIR: Spray some lightweight hairspray throughout your hair. Take a 1/1.5 inch curling iron and take diagonal sections of your hair and take turns curling it in different directions for a natural look. Don’t spend too much time curling your hair because the aim is to make is look effortless. Once you’re done curling, shake your hair to separate the curls and spray in some salt spray for extra texture. Voila!

Beach Braids

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Wondering what to do with yesterday’s textured waves? Recycle them!

Texture is the perfect foundation for any braid or updo, especially if you have fine hair! Take advantage of this texture for a messy french, dutch or fishtail braid. The key to a textured braid is to feather pieces of the braid out by gently pulling on each side of the braid while working up to the top of the braid to fan out the hair and loosen it a little. Instant mermaid!

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