“Brassy” Hair 101

by Maegan Porto


“Brassy” Hair 101

Are you suffering from 1999 Justin Timberlake ramen-hair syndrome? Would you rather be sassy than brassy? Read below for the reasons why your hair is going brassy and how to avoid it.

Top 7 Reasons For Brassy Hair
1. You’re naturally a brunette. Being a natural brunette on the journey to blonde is always a challenge. Because your hair is naturally dark, as soon as you lighten it, it’s going to expose it’s natural underlying pigments. Your underlying pigment may be red, orange or yellow depending on how dark you naturally are. A toner every couple of months and/or gradually going lighter is your best bet with this challenge.
2. Air pollution/ Smoke. If you’re living in a big commercial city such as Toronto, New York or even areas in China, the air will affect your hair. Because your hair is already blonde and porous, it is more susceptible to absorbing the chemicals and pollution in the air, causing your hair to yellow. Also, smoking can cause your hair to yellow, just as it causes your fingers and finger nails to yellow slightly.
3. Hard Water/ Well Water. Unfortunately, if you live in the countryside or in a rural area, this is going to be a big issue for you. This water isn’t treated; unlike the water in the city and therefore contains minerals such as large amounts of calcium and magnesium which cause yellow/ orange hues in the hair. The best thing for your hair would be to invest in a water softening filter or shower head!
4. Old Piping. If your house is older, your piping in your house is also likely very old. Tones from your copper pipes could be getting into your water and causing it to affect your hair colour.
5. Product Build-Up. Some products from the drugstore contain petroleum in their formulas to make your hair “feel good” when in reality, it just coats your hair. Over time, this build- up increases and can cause tonal change in your hair. (PLEASE please please, if you’re investing lots of money in your hair colour, save a little extra for professional products.)
6. Swimming. The minerals found in fungicides in pools can also affect the colour of your hair. Chlorine causes the hair to become more porous, which makes your hair absorb the minerals. If your pool allows it, coat your hair in conditioner or coconut oil before swimming to create a barrier between your hair and the chemicals.
7. Sunlight/ Overuse of thermal styling. Sunlight and hot tools are known for exposing the natural warmth in your hair. They also both fade colour faster, which means your toner won’t last as long!

It seems like a lot to take into consideration, right?! For the most part, your best friend will be clarifying shampoos and treatments, and toners. These will help with all of the above! My favourite clarifying treatment is Eufora’s Urgent Repair Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment. Don’t forget! Your stylist is your guru. Ask them anything!

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