Fierce Up-Do Forecast

by Maegan Porto


Fierce Up-Do Forecast For Summer 2016!

The summer is finally on it’s way and with that comes proms, weddings and graduations! This is probably the busiest time of year for both pinterest and us stylists!

So far 2016 is all about texture! Everyone has fallen in love with the tousled, “lived in” look. Lately there has been less polished and tidy up-dos and more pulled apart, organic looking styles. 2016 has been the year of low maintenance styles so far. Everyone is realizing that you don’t HAVE to spend an hour doing your hair every morning and you don’t HAVE to touch up your colour every 6 weeks (unless you feel the need to cover those pesky grey’s, of course). When you have things like balayage, a good hair cut that promotes texture and a key product or two, less truly is more. The most difficult part about achieving these beautiful, textured up-dos is that you’ll have to learn that imperfection IS perfection. For these types of styles, two-day old hair is always best. If the hair is clean, I would recommend blow drying with a sea salt spray, such as the Eufora Style Sea Spritz. This will add a little bit of grit and texture to those clean, baby-soft locks! Other products I would recommend for this look would be; Eufora Powder Lift (for volume and grip at the roots), Eufora Full Effect (dry texture spray, for the lengths) and of course, Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray (to hold your perfectly, imperfect style in place all day long!). The photo above is one of my favourite textured up-dos I’ve seen so far, created by an artist from the Ulyana Aster team! They have the most beautfiul hair accessories I think my 20 year-old eyes have ever seen! If you’d like to see how this style of up-do was created I’ll leave the link to their instagram video tutorial below.

Don’t forget that you can also create these kind of looks on yourself for an everyday boho- look! Grab some of the texturizing products I listed above and have some play time pulling apart your braids! You’ll be amazed at how beautiful a textured braid can look.

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