Layer Up This Winter!

by Maegan Porto


Layer Up This Winter!

After attending an interior hair cutting course, I was reintroduced to the power of adding layers to a hair cut. Layers create movement and definition. Not all layers have to be super choppy or your worst hair nightmare! Don’t let the horror stories scare you.

Face Framing Layers
Face framing layers are the perfect way to spice up a long, one length hair cut. Long hair tends to drag down the face and draw attention more to the hair than your face. Face framing layers are especially great if you have an oblong face shape. The layers surrounding your face gives off the illusion of a shorter face. Face framing layers can start at any length that you want. Indicate to your stylist where you’d like the layers to begin, whether it be right on your chin, a little bit past your chin, etc. When doing a face framing layer be sure to take into consideration the length of the layers if you wear your hair up a lot. Make sure that they are still long enough to fit into your ponytail! Nothing is worse than the struggle of having ten bobby pins in your hair just to hold up one short piece of hair!


Textured Layers
Perfect for a messy, shaggy and edgy look yet can still be styled into a sleek look. There are so many different and unique ways to achieve a textured layer that I would be here all day explaining BUT I can explain to you how to ask your stylist for a textured layer! Communicating what you want can sometimes be the most difficult part about consulting with your stylist. Your visual image of textured layers could be totally different to what your stylist’s initial image is. Start by bringing in a reference picture indicating that you want something shattered looking; layers without seeing lines in the hair cut yet still not completely blended to the point where you cant even tell you’ve done anything different. You want perfectly imperfect!! A textured layer can be a great alternative for someone with fine hair for a little more bounce. This type of layer can work well for thick hair too but you would want to be sure your stylist notches (thins out) each layer slightly to take out any excess bulk/ weight. This hair cut looks amazing on a dimensional balayaged colour because it accentuates the different tones. Also, I would recommend investing in a large barreled curling wand because messy waves also make this cut look like a million dollars!!

cascading layers

Cascading Layers
This layering technique is very versatile and can work well with any texture/ length. It creates a very smooth, transitional effect. If you are the type the hates seeing any lines in your layers then this type of layer is definitely what you want. Seamless and simple. These layers are also perfect for blending previous layers! It creates the perfect foundation for a smooth grow out.

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