Lucido Life After Covid-19

by Monica Sagheddu


Lucido Life After Covid-19

Well now that it has been a couple of months of returning to the salon after 3 months off due to COVID-19, I’d like to share how life in the salon has changed

First off, the Lucido Team was all starting to get stir crazy being at home all that time!! We could not wait to come back to what we love. When we got the GREEN LIGHT on Monday, June 15th that we could re open the salon on Friday, June 19th we were all SO happy but yet SO nervous. How were we going to re book all our guests on the waiting list? What safety measures were we going to put in place? How were we going to handle the jam-packed workdays after being off for 3 months? Would we have enough time to prepare the salon so we could open on the first day allowed? Our nerves and minds started to get BUSY.

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After a night of sleeping… or not sleeping on it, I realized I had to snap out of my funk and help my team snap out of theirs and just take it one step at a time. After all, “teamwork makes the dream work!!” Maegan and I got started on Tuesday with 8 hours worth of calls and emails. We never thought it would end!! Only being able to see one client at a time was tricky to fit everyone in quickly. The following two days were 8-10-hour days filled with lots more calls, emails, and cleaning. With teamwork and the help of friends we were ready to re open on Friday. Already we felt a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and relief.

Our first couple days back our guests already knew what to expect at their appointment. We had sent out a mass email stating our Lucido COVID-19 Guidelines (listed below). We decided to do a little more than required to make our clients and ourselves feel safe and comfortable. Having a fairly good-sized salon, all staff was able to come back full time and safely social distance 10 feet between chairs. For the most part things ran smoothly, but a few hiccups did happen. Running a bit behind due to all the extra sanitation between guests, the phone ringing off the hook and not being able to answer because all stylists were booked attending to someone, and also coming close to running out of clean capes. And the icing on the cake was the air conditioner broke down on two of the hottest summer days. Talk about melt down! …. Literally after work. :(

How did we cope? We brain stormed how we can fix what was stressing us out and not working for us. This ensured our days be smoother and happier. We added an extra 10 minutes between guests to allow for through cleaning without rushing. We turned off the phone ringer so we would not panic not being able to answer right away. We figured it was summer out so we could hang the capes/aprons out to dry faster in the sun. And last but not least I got the air conditioner fixed ASAP!

Now that we have been back a couple of months we have caught up on seeing our guests for the most part, have smoothed out our kinks, are all very busy stylists and damn happy about it and happy to be back behind our chairs. After all, this is our new normal and we choose to accept it!

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Dear Lucido Guests,

We are so happy that we have gotten the green light to re open our doors. We have been working hard to ensure our salon is a safe environment for ourselves and you. Listed are our guidelines on what to expect when you arrive for your appointment.

We Ask Our Guests:
. Please be right on time as our schedules are very tight
. Temperature will be taken upon arrival
. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival
. Wear a mask. Will provide if you do not have
. NO food allowed
. NO gloves aloud
. Please limit entrance only to the guest receiving services.
. Children under 12 may be accompanied by a parent. Please limit to one child per parent at a time.
. If you have any flu like symptoms or answer yes to any questions on our screening, please reschedule your appointment
. If you are only getting a cut, please have your hair washed before your appointment

Stylist’s Part:
. We take our temperature upon arrival
. We wear masks
. One pair of gloves used per guest
. Capes washed and dried for every guest
. Each stylist station is more than 6 feet apart
. One guest per stylist at a time.
. Each station will have hand sanitizer & wipes
. Sinks sanitized between clients
. One stylist behind cash desk at a time
. Deep clean of salon at the end of each day.

We look for forward to seeing all of you and returning to our “new normal”!


Monica and the Lucido Team

We can’t wait to continue to serve you the “Lucido” way and as safely as possible. ♥

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