Lucido’s Takes On Eufora Global Connection

by Maegan Porto


Lucido’s Take On Eufora Global Connection

Monica and I are fresh off of the plane from San Diego, California and we are more inspired and passionate than ever! Eufora Global Connection sparked some outside-of-the-box creativity thanks to many of the teams that came out to this event from all over the world. Read below for the juicy details on what went on!

As you can tell by my blog and our website, Eufora is one of the main brands that we carry here at Lucido Hair Studio. Throughout the year they hold many INTENSE hands-on training programs through their “You School” which Monica and I attend quite frequently. Eufora was founded in San Diego, California which is where Eufora Global Connection is held every other year. What is most amazing about this event is that Eufora stylists come together from all over the world to share their culture through hair. Between the inspirational and business lectures and the out-of-this-world hair shows, it is hard not to feel a fire of passion burning inside of you! Neil Smith, award-winning international hairstylist from the UK put on an amazing show, featuring futuristic-style classic cuts. He chose his theme in honour of Don Bewley, Founder of Eufora because Don always stressed how important the foundations of hair cutting are. Neil’s styles also consisted of vibrant, blocky colours which was exciting to see instead of the (still beautiful) diffused, soft colour that’s been on trend the past couple of years! And of course, the Eufora Japanese team was breathtaking. The Japanese always know how to take it to the next level. They captured all of Japan’s different cultural scenes in their show. From Harajuku, to Babymetal (a Japanese idol metal band) to rural, mountainous Japan. One of the Japanese artists even created purses, hats and even shoes out of HAIR. That’s right, I said hair. He must have had the patience of a saint. Eufora also used plenty of their brand new Artisan Shades in the shows! The Artisan Shades are a collection of direct dyes created for professionals which will be coming to Lucido’s in the new year! Eeek! Check out the photo above. This look was created by SOYA winner Vanessa Rockey. She created this updo by sewing the hair up! AMAZING.

All in all, between the endless tips and tricks, pop art inspired hair colour and the amazing inspirational/ business lectures, it was definely worth the trip!

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