Male Style Icons: Elvis Presley

by Maegan Porto


Male Style Icons: Elvis Presley

In case you forgot, I blogged a timeline of style icons from the 20’s-90’s last year.I figure it’s time to give our male style icons a little credit now, too. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I reveal the heart-throbs of the decades!

Elvis Presley
Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to re-introduce to you the King himself, Elvis Presley. Not only was he the King of Rock and Roll but he was also the King of fashion. From popped collars, to knit jumpers, to bedazzled suits, Elvis did it all and did it WELL. Before Elvis, you would’ve never seen a man rocking pink clothing. He broke gender stereotypes and made it easy for so many men to express themselves through clothing. This was a huge deal in the 50’s! The one thing about Elvis that always stood out to me was his hair and those infamous sideburns! He generally always kept it short on the sides and back and kept it long enough on top to create that on-trend pompadour hair cut. Never discount a style from the past because I promise you, it’ll always make a comeback. Creating a style like this is pretty simple. So for you men who have been into the pompadour style lately, get your round brush and product ready!

Step 1: Start with wet hair. Comb into place and comb the top of the hair back, towards the crown.
Step 2: Roughly blow dry until your hair is 90% dry.
Step 3: Use a round brush or denman brush to achieve volume. Start at the back crown pulling the hair up and over-directing forward to create volume. Work towards the front hairline, pulling the hair forward and then lightly brushing back into place.
Step 4: Now that you have some volume your hair will stay back. Depending on what kind of effect you want, you could use a pomade for shine (I like the Eufora Hero Pliable Pomade) or if you prefer a matte hold, I like Eufora Hero’s Molding Paste.
Step 5: Feel like a king.

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