Male Style Icons: George Clooney

by Maegan Porto


Male Style Icons: George Clooney

Let’s take a moment to discuss one of the most dapper men in the world… Mr. Clooney.

George Clooney
First of all, this man ages like a fine wine. Why can’t we all age that well?! George Clooney has a very classic, signature style. Suits are his fashion staple. I mean.. George Clooney could show up to the gym in a fully accessorized suit and nobody would question it. He has the kind of style that screams “old hollywood” yet modernized. His colour palette of clothing never usually strays away from black, white and grey. George Clooney’s infamous grade school picture truly provides hope that you will only blossom as you grow older! Check it out here : From bowl cut, to mullet, to brassy bleach blonde, Clooney has done it all. His current sharp side part and slight pompadour with his salt and pepper locks definetly takes the cake. This style has become so popular amongst all ages of men. It’s definitely sparked the business of barbering back up! PS. Eufora Hero’s Pliable Pomade is perfect for this cut! Perfect balance of shine and hold.

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