Male Style Icons: Johnny Depp

by Maegan Porto


Male Style Icons: Johnny Depp

I think it’s about time I revealed another male style icon. Johnny Depp, anyone? Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I reveal the heart-throbs of the decades!
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Johnny Depp
I’d like to say his style peaked and was the most influential in the 90’s.. but let’s face it, Johnny Depp has been a huge style icon since the 80’s when he first entered the Hollywood scene. With his effortless and raw look, some described his style as “hobo chic”. The funny thing is, is that Johnny Depp was never remotely into fashion. He just wore whatever he desired and somehow made it all work! Johnny is a big lover of rolled sleeves, baggy/ ripped jeans, grungey- beat up boots and LOTS of accessories. If you’ve ever seen him you’d know that he loves lots of necklaces and bracelets! Not the super blinged- out diamond jewelry, but simple, roped, Pirates of the Carribean- looking accessories. I even managed to spot him in a magazine wearing a safety pin as an earring. Who else could get away with that?! As for Johnny’s hair, it is usually a wonderful mess. He really embraces the tousled look and pulls it off outrageously well. I can’t help but absolutely admire his natural- textured tresses! He’s also rocked the bleached blonde look once or twice and my oh my, is he good at pulling off everything?! If you’re looking to embrace your inner Johnny Depp, invest in some good natural texture enhancing products! My favourite for a grungey, matte finish is Eufora’s Style Sea Spritz which is a salt spray, used to enhance natural waves for a beachy effect. Another one of my favourites for enhancing wave is Eufora’s Curl’n Defining Solution. Scrunching these products in together will leave you with whimsical, tousled hair!

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