Oil Slick Hair Trend

by Maegan Porto


Oil Slick Hair Trend

FINALLY! A rainbow hair technique for brunettes! As a natural brunette I can most definitely relate to being told that rainbow hair is far too hard to achieve and it will pretty much cost you a billion dollars at the salon and in maintenance.
oil slick

This oil slick trend is a long lost cousin of the pearly opalescent trend, which I blogged about last week.This time I figured it was time for some brunette love! This trend is meant to resemble the iridescent, inky effect of an oil slick. The great advantage to this trend is that the colours are far deeper than those in the opalescent look so they last a lot longer and don’t fade as fast. This oil slick look can be created with a combination of a dark base (I find a blue-based colour really enhances the look that much more) and highlights or balayage. The lightening process is necessary in order to reveal the true colours of your “oil slick” effect. Once the hair is lightened it is best to wash, blowdry and then apply your blues, greens and violets by utilizing a “melting” technique. Melting the colours together down the hair shaft gives it that layered and inky iridescent effect. Blowdrying the hair before applying the creative colours allows the hair to absorb more colour which will give it the vibrancy you wish to achieve. Another great thing about this look is that once your hair is lightened, it gives you so much more room for versatility! Once your oil slick look is faded you can start applying other fun colours in the lightened areas to create so many different looks! Also, as always, PLEASE use professional products. You truly do pay for what you get.The oil slick hair above was created by the hair god himself, Guy Tang. The way the colours all flow together is mesmerizing. 2016 is an exciting year for hair, my friends! Stay tuned!

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