Pearly Opalescents

by Maegan Porto


Pearly Opalescents

With the weather changing and spring creeping up slowly, it’s time for a fresh start! Brighter hair, colourful wardrobe and lipsticks that pop!
opalescent hair

Imagine silver hair and galaxy hair had a baby… that is opalescent hair. It’s like all of last year’s trends are combining to create something new and fresh! This hair trend is meant to resemble the iridescent tones in an opal stone found in the ocean. It features beautifully blended, delicate shades of pinks, lilacs, blues and greens all on a pearl-toned base. Unfortunately, like many pastel shades or silvers, the hair must be prelightened until it is almost totally white in order for the colours to show up true- to- tone. If you still have a slight pale yellow tone in your hair after bleaching, try using a pearl/ ash toner first (before applying the opalescent shades) to neutralize the yellow tones. This colour can be created by utilizing a traditional highlight technique or with a freehand balayage melting! Ask your stylist which opalescent look could work for you!

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