Runway Ready

by Maegan Porto


Ponytails Get Professional

messy ponytails ponytails

Sure, the runway may contain a lot of bizarre hairstyles that most people wouldn’t sport on a regular day. However, the runway is great when it comes to taking something plain and making it look intricate and beautiful (ie. ponytails!!)

As a professional, it is harder than it looks to create the perfect ponytail on someone. Don’t let it fool you! Products are essential for these runway looks. Whether you want a sleek finish or a messy, textured finish, there is a product for it all. If you/ your client has a lot of baby hair and you’re trying to create a slicked back ponytail; spray a small amount of hairspray around the hair line and comb all of the hair back tight, and then spraying again for security. If you’re creating a slicked back ponytail, using a rubber elastic will help to keep the hair in the ponytail tight and secure. (Sometimes a regular elastic will allow the hair to slip out and loosen). Try to avoid using rubber elastics if you’re going for a textured look because it can sometimes get caught in the hair, which is not pleasant! For finishing any ponytail style, spray/ apply a shine product! You will be surprised how much it can polish up your look! For a light shine, I would use Eufora’s Illuminate Shine Mist because it is very lightweight and it’s an excellent thermal defense product. For a dramatic, sleek, almost wet finish I would recommend Eufora’s Pure Polish Finishing Drops. It’s easy to glam up any ponytail with accessories, a couple of elastics or even leaving some hair tucked into the elastic almost creating a bun and letting the rest of the hair fan out around it. The possibilities are endless!

The Bobby Pin Trend

bobby pin blonde bobby pin pink
No more worrying about hiding your pins, it’s the new trend!

For me, this was a hard trend for me to comprehend. I was so used to making sure all of my pins were hidden in an updo, that was the #1 updo rule! Now the bobby pin has become an accessory piece. I have started to take a liking to it after a while, thinking it of as an arts and crafts type of project! It’s like decorating the hair to form a pattern or design while keeping it modern. I love the platinum blonde with black bobby pin look. The contrast between the
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hair and the pins works so well with a strategically placed design. Why not give it a try and see what kind of bobby pin art you can create?!

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