Flattering Fringes

by Maegan Porto


Flattering Fringes

What better time than spring to decide whether you’re ready to commit to bangs or not?! If you decide that you’re not cut out for a life with bangs, there’s enough time to grow them out before summer!

The good thing about bangs is that they can draw attention to your best features, especially your eyes and lips, while also framing the face. Brow-length brows are great for showing off your eyes. Depending on your face shape and facial features, there are many different types of bangs to suit you; blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, whispy bangs, asymmetrical bangs, betty bangs (for a very edgy look), etc. Bangs are a great way to switch up a plain hairstyle. A con to bangs is the maintenance. They need to be trimmed often enough and you have to be committed to styling them. Also, beware of any cowlicks along your hairline! If you have a cowlick, bangs may not be for you unless you are really willing to work on styling them. Otherwise you will be stuck with awkward, splitting bangs for a little while! Always, always, always consult with your stylist first! They know best!

Images courtesy of stylenoted.com and fmyhair.com

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