Style Icons By The Decade- 20’s & 30’s

by Maegan Porto


Style Icons By The Decade- 20’s &30’s

Seen as styles from the past are making a comeback in today’s fashion and beauty industry, why not learn about these fabulous style icons?! My next couple of blogs will create a timeline to show how each decade

developed in style!


Louise Brooks Born in Cherryvale, Kansas; this dancer, show-girl and silent film star had a definite daring yet luxurious style. Although her style was dramatic, she never looked over the top. Brooks was also known for her signature, sleek, cropped bob haircut with blunt over-the-brow bangs. This haircut and over-all style was an act of rebellion towards the Victorian era; women were expected to have long hair, cover their ankles, legs and arms. Louise was a part of this rebellious movement in fashion. Think of these icons and don’t be afraid to be different and stand out!
Coco Chanel (My favourite style icon in history!) Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel: French designer and founder of the “Chanel” brand. Chanel aided in liberating women post World War I from the “corsetted silhouette” style and created casual, more comfortable clothing as the new feminine standard of style. She embraced simplicity and comfort in her personal style too, and even managed to transform menswear into comfortable feminine pieces! Chanel’s style consisted of mostly black and white pieces, lots of stripes and her signature fake pearl necklaces! She is also the inventor of the “Little Black Dress”, everyone loves a little black dress! Us ladies have a lot to thank her for 😉 She has truly influenced the fashion industry since the 20’s. 30’s
Bette Davis Ruth Elizabeth “Bette” Davis born in 1908; an American actress of film, television and theatre had a very unique style. She didn’t want to be the Hollywood standard of “pretty” and demonstrated an inspiring amount of confidence in her own style, whether it be with a sleek, blonde bob or long brunette curls. Bette was often seen with a skip wave or finger wave hairstyle, giving her the perfect glamour look. Her clothing choices were quite simple (giving the era, a lot of Hollywood stars were dressing very over-the-top and luxurious), but Bette sported simple lace gowns, fur coats and sailor-inspired outfits. She was very versatile and her big doe eyes were the star of the show! Regardless of how long it’s been, these ladies’ styles will always be a part of today’s fashion and beauty industry. They are timeless fashion icons!

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