Style Icons By The Decade- 80’s & 90’s

by Maegan Porto


Style Icons By The Decade- 80’s & 90’s

From neon mini skirts and leg warmers to ripped, acid washed (essentially- destroyed) jeans and band tees; these decades still have a strong influence in the fashion industry!



Molly Ringwald
The 80’s’ Teen Queen. Molly was born in California and began acting at the age of 5. Although Molly won her first Golden Globe for her role in Tempest (1982), she really became an icon after her role in Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. The most inspiring thing about Molly is that she was never afraid to be different. Her style never conformed to that of her peers. With a natural femininity about her, she never failed to look like an attractive lady even while wearing a men’s suit. Her style was a perfect mix between femininity and masculinity. Also, we should admire the way she managed to pull off mixed prints?! All at once?! Molly always had the most versatile hairstyles too; short cuts which she’d wear curly, straight or with a wave but she always rocked her natural red hair colour in the 80’s (which made her an icon for all of those naturally red teens!). Make-up wise; she always went very neutral with her eyes yet rocked a bright lip every once in a while.


kate moss

Kate Moss
One of the most iconic supermodels of all time. By the age of 14 she was already working with photographers and starting on what would become a very successful modelling career. Moss was known for her petite silhouette. While off the runway, Kate had an “I couldn’t be bothered” attitude about her fashion choices yet still had a seductive vibe, showing off her uniqueness and originality. She was also an advocate for the 90’s no-bra trend (which is coming back into style). Honestly, no matter what Kate wore, whether it was grungy or covered in sparkle, she wore every piece of clothing extremely well. She didn’t cake her face with make up either; she always opted for the fresh-faced look with minimal foundation,a little highlighter and mascara. Moss eventually designed her own clothing line for Topshop and designed her own make up line for Rimmel London. Being the face of Calvin Klein (along with Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg) and girlfriend of heartthrob Johnny Depp, every girl in the 90’s either envied her or wanted to be her!

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