Yogi Hair

by Maegan Porto


Yogi Hair

I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the hardest thing about working out and exercising is trying to figure out how to not look like a sweaty beast with your hair stuck right to your sweaty face and neck (and the excercising part, of course)! Below I’ll introduce you to a few new do’s to try for your next yoga class or work out.
boxer braids

Boxer Braids
Boxer braids have really been stealing the limelight lately. Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian are sporting this sleek look with defined brows, winged liner and an in-your-face lip. This is the perfect look for people who like to recycle their hairstyles! It’s so easy to sleep on these braids because apart from a few fly away pieces, you still look fab the next day! On day two you could even pull apart the braids a bit for a different boho-chic style. The difference between a regular french braid and these boxer braids is that a regular french braid involves crossing the pieces over whereas with a boxer braid, the three sections are crossed under resulting in an inverted effect. This is easy to achieve if you are good with doing your own hair! Practice is always key!

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Pull-Through Braids
Although this braid looks like it was very carefully crafted, it is really quite simple. All you need is a handful of elastics (preferably clear) and a quick YouTube tutorial! This braid is best done on slightly dirtier hair because let’s face it… second day hair is ALWAYS better. I will warn you that once you complete the braid it might not look as cute as you pictured. That is why feathering the braid out and pulling it apart a little is so important. Don’t be afraid to mess it up! And if it looks messy to begin with, you’re in luck because messy is in! The pull through braid is a perfect look for yoga because it keeps all of your hair off of your neck while still looking cute! There’s no way you can even begin to find your zen with hair sticking to your neck or even worse, getting stuck in your armpits! Here is a simple tutorial on how to achieve a pull through braid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axnbRDcByhk


And last but not least, my personal favourite. A cute headband is the easiest way to look good with absolutely zero effort. Have inconsistent kinky waves? Throw a head band on over it, spray a little Eufora Sea Spritz spray on the ends and embrace the kinky mess! This is also a great option for you ladies that recently opted for the lob (long-bob) look and can’t get your hair into braids or buns yet. You can find so many unique and handmade headbands on etsy. This website also has a lot of boho-chic headbands:https://www.threebirdnest.com/collections/boho-headbands Or if you’re crafty, cut up some scrap material and create own! Happy headbanding!

Images courtesy of modavisionaire.com, crafthubs.com and kokay.me

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