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6 Reasons Why Your Hair is Breaking

Ever wondered why on EARTH your hair gets to a certain length and then just stops growing and starts breaking?! Our Ontario winters can be especially brutal for this because of the dry air from the furnace, which doesn’t help! Read below to find out what you’re doing that could be causing your hair to break.

1. You’re combing your hair from the roots down. While detangling your hair, wet or dry, be sure to start from the ends and work your way to the top of your hair. By starting at your roots you are pushing the tangles all together at the bottom, making the tangles worse and eventually causing the hair to break in the process of detangling.
2. Overlapping of lightener. Overlapping bleach on old highlights or when touching up your bleach blonde roots can cause serious breakage. Bleaching previously bleached hair weakens the bonds in the hair further, eventually causing it to break off. When lightening already lightened hair, be sure to use a colour additive such as Eufora Colour Elixir to protect the hair from breakage and free radicals.
3. Rubber Elastics. Because rubber elastics adhere to the hair so well, they can be hard to get out especially if they get tangled. Do not yank them out!!! This will cause major breakage. Be gentle and patient. Although rubber elastics can wreak havoc on your hair, unfortunately, they are the best for braids and creative styling so it’s difficult to avoid them completely.
4. Tight ponytails. Sure, an occasional ponytail won’t hurt, but constant tight ponytails cause extra stress on the hair around the hairline…which, surprise! Also causes breakage and those extra “baby hairs” around the hairline.
5. The towel wrap. Using a bath towel to wrap around your hair post- shower can be far too heavy for your hair to hold up, especially if your hair is fine. Lightly towel-drying your hair and clipping it up with a jaw clip is a better alternative.
6. Using a round brush on wet hair. Wet hair has a much higher elasticity than when it’s dry. Using a round brush on wet hair can cause the hair to stretch to the point of breakage. Dry the hair 90% before beginning to style your hair with a round brush.

It seems like a lot to take into consideration, right?! Your hair will thank you in the long run.;)

Images courtesy of pinterest.com