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Autumn/ Winter Hair Trends ’19

Happy November 1st! Who’s ready for the never-ending Christmas music until December 25th?! Here in Burlington, the change of seasons is definitely influencing people to switch things up. Find out what trends are coming up for this season by reading below!

Colour. Colour this season is very natural and high shine. We are seeing a lot of natural red tones on the runway. Think Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives! Chocolate browns with lots of shine and dimension are also very trendy this season. Playing with tones in brunettes is a great way to accentuate and compliment a person’s skin tone and eye colour. Ninety’s inspired platinum blondes are making a comeback too. People are opting for more of that 90’s bleach-out, creamy blonde tone rather than silver ashy tones which have been popular for a few seasons now.

Cuts. This time of year seems to be the time that people are very brave when it comes to chopping off their hair. We are seeing a lot of choppy bobs accented with fringes, whether they be an ultra short bang, heavy bang or a wispy curtain bang. Lately there has also been an influx of women rocking bold buzz cuts and I’m living for it! We are also seeing more black women embracing their natural texture and opting for the best styles to create the perfect silhouette. Top-heavy pixies with super short sides or slicked back sides (to open up the face) are very trendy for natural hair right now. It’s all about finding the best cut and product for your hair type.

Styles. Now more than ever, people are putting more effort into styling their hair. We are styling our hair to match our look/outfit and finding the accessories to match. Ninety’s accessories such as clips and slides are making a huge comeback. Something even as simple as playing with your hair part, can drastically change your style. Try a sharp middle part or deep side part for something new! It’s time to dust off the ol’ crimping iron and smaller curling irons, because texture is huge this season. Ponytails and textured braids are also trending which is good news to us lazy girls!

I hope this was a useful bit of style inspo for you all. Always remember to embrace change. ♥

Images courtesy of hellogiggles.com