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Bangin’ Trends of 2017

I’m not sure about everyone else, but in my tiny corner of the globe in Burlington, Ontario, bangs are making a HUGE comeback. They’re back with a vengeance! Here are 3 of my favourite styles.
70’s Bangs
Remember those 70’s rocker, shag-cuts with bangs that gradually get longer around the temples? IT’S BACK. These bangs are key if you’re looking to accentuate your cheek-bones! This style of fringe is normally best suited for straight, medium to thick hair. While cutting this type of fringe, it is best to cut it wet. When it comes to choosing the length, using the bridge of the nose under the brows is a good guideline, so that when they’re dry they won’t spring up too much. Make sure to use absolutely NO tension when cutting your initial length. You want to make sure you account for any cowlicks that may be present on the hairline! Point cut your length from your initial guideline in the centre of the bangs to about the arch of the brow, then slide cut in a ‘C’ motion to the outermost corner of the bangs, opening up the cheekbone area. If you are not a hairstylist, please do not DIY this! See your stylist and bring a photo! Photos are the best form of communication in a hair salon. Maintenance-wise, these bangs are higher maintenance because of their length. They’re a longer bang that generally tend to sit on the brow so there’s a fine line between the perfect length and not being able to see. I would recommend a trim every 2-3 weeks!
Baby Bangs
If you’re looking to channel your inner Betty Page, these are the bangs for you! Baby bangs aka micro- fringe, micro- bangs etc., can be a VERY difficult look to pull off. Being that they’re cut well above the brow, it can make for a very severe look. Baby bangs are best suited for those with a shorter face and a tame hairline, meaning the less cowlicks the better when it comes to styling them at home. For those with an oblong face shape, short bangs like these tend to make the face look even longer. These bangs can be wispy or totally blunt. Cutting baby bangs blunt is truly a skill from the cutting Gods! If my client is getting bangs for the first time, I like to cut an initial length at the bridge of the nose first. Then when the hair is dry, I cut the length of the baby bangs using absolutely NO tension to account for any small cowlicks. With baby bangs, you should follow the curve of the head to follow through to the bang area by the temples! The maintenance from this look varies. On one hand getting them cut short means you have time before they start to hit your brow. but if you want to keep them short I’d recommend a trim every 2-4 weeks.
Wispy Bangs On Curly Hair
Okay, my all time favourite look right now is black girls embracing their big natural curls paired with an uneven, wispy fringe! This style is so easy to pull off and looks good on essentially anyone with this type of hair as long as it’s done right. When it comes to creating this type of bang on curly hair, you want to make sure you don’t create any straight lines! This look is supposed to be organic and messy looking, which means it needs to be as soft as possible. The best thing to do is to diffuse the hair completely dry and freehand cut each indiviual curl. My favourite thing about this is that you can have some fun customizing this look to each individual! This is also a very low maintenance look with very little commitment!

Take the plunge and find a style of bang that is best suited for you! Bangs are my favourite for hiding my forehead in selfies. 😉

Images courtesy of pinterest.com