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Best 5 Ways To Grow Out Your Grey

For some reason it feels like everyone in Burlington is going through that “should I let my hair go grey?” phase right now. Let’s be real, if you’re visiting the salon every 2-4weeks to cover those pesky grey hairs, it starts to get expensive. I won’t sugarcoat it though, the process of going grey is never perfect! It’s a very long and awkward process. Many clients have been asking what they can do to aid the transition, so I’ve listed a few options below to help you!

1. Gradually lightening your base colour/ highlights: This is a great way to slowly transition from coloured hair to your natural grey hair. This technique involves lightening your current root or base colour up to a half of a shade every couple of months. Depending on how dark your current base colour is, depends on how long the process will take. The darker your base colour, the longer this method of transition will take. Normally if the base colour is very dark, I would recommend adding highlights to lighten the overall colour of your hair faster! Regular hair cuts will also speed up the process by cutting off the darker ends.
2. Highlights and lowlights: This is a great option for you salt and pepper ladies/ men! With this route, no colour will be applied to your roots to cover your regrowth. Instead, highlights will be used to lighten up the previously coloured ends and lowlights will be utilized to blend the salt and pepper growth into the old dark colour. This option can take a while and can look quite awkward during the process but hey, if it’s worth it in the end, no pain no gain!
3. Bleaching out: This can be quite difficult if you have lots of build-up of old dark colour and may require multiple sessions to achieve. The goal of this method is to bleach out the previous colour to match the individual’s grey growth as much as possible. Again, the lighter your ends are, the easier this is to achieve.
4. Grey- blending: Grey blending can be done by using a demi- permanent colour to touch up your roots instead of a permanent colour. Demi- permanent hair colour will not cover your grey 100% as opposed to permanent hair colour. This is a great alternative that effectively softens the grey grow out!
5. Buzz cut?! Just kidding ;). Although, many ladies have been rocking the buzz cuts lately! So, maybe you’re not brave enough for a buzz cut… this would be a great time to try out a cute pixie! Cutting off the old coloured hair is the best way to grow out your grey, as scary as it may be. This is essentially the easiest way to start over and avoid the skunk- like look that everyone dreads.

Well, I hope this helps to aid you on your journey to natural grey hair! Remember to see a professional to assist you in this transition! The last thing you want is to have something go wrong with a box dye and have to start all over again!!

Images courtesy of pinterest.com