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Combating Hair Loss 101

Are you suffering from hair loss? Feeling as though your hair is thinning out over the years? Read below for the reasons why you could be losing your hair and what you can do to prevent it!

People can lose their hair for many different reasons. It’s especially common for men (male pattern baldness) which occurs because of genetics and the hormone dihydrotestosterone. Stress, poor diet, hormone changes (eg. pregnancy, menopause), skin conditions (eg. psoriasis), genetics and medications can all contribute to hair loss. A diet rich in omega 3 amino acids is great for hair growth. Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin. Sweet potato, spinach and fatty fish are all great for strengthening your hair. There are a variety of vitamins such as Biotin, BioFen and Florasil which all aid in hair growth and strengthening! Occasionally massaging the scalp also promotes blood circulation throughout the scalp and follicles. Every little bit helps!

Eufora has a multi award-winning thickening line containing an entire regimen crafted to promote hair growth! The line consists of a Cleansing Treatment, Conditioning Treatment, Thickening Serum and most importantly, a Scalp Treatment. The entire line contains a magic potion called the ProAmino Cell Complex. The science behind it is truly mind boggling! It’s a combination of extracts, botanicals and vitamins that are all proven to promote hair growth. The products also contain:
– Butyl Avocadate to regulate sebum production
– Neem Seed Oil works as an antibacterial to reduce irritation and redness
– Citrus & Peppermint Oil increases oxygen to the follicle
– Liquorice Root works as an anti inflammatory

The products are all very simple to use and don’t leave the hair feeling greasy or weighed down!

Hopefully some of these tips, tricks and recommendations help you on your journey to thicker and healthier hair! ♥

Images courtesy of babyandchild.ae