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Everything You Need To Know About a Colour Correction

Oops! Made a late night trip to the drug store and decided to impulsively colour your hair?! Is it too dark, brassy or patchy now? A colour correction will be what you need. I think there are a lot of blurred lines between colour corrections, such as, what the process will be like, the cost, the result and expectations. Here are a few FAQ’s to help you along the way!

What is a colour correction?
A colour correction can be considered many different things. Going from dark hair to blonde, going from blonde to dark hair, a patchy DIY job, fashion colours, stripey highlights/ balayage or even an ombre that isn’t blended well can be a colour correction. Colour corrections can be very complex and requires a licensed professional to utilize our colour skills and knowledge of the colour wheel.

What can I expect from a colour correction?
Each colour correction involves a unique process. Since everyone’s hair is different, and everyone has different hair history (ie. different colours, perms, henna etc.) each process is designed specifically for the individual’s hair. Because a colour correction can be so complex, especially if I am doing a client for the first time, I always do a strand test before their colour appointment. This gives me a better idea of how the hair is going to react and how much the hair can handle. Which in turn, helps me to give you a more realistic expectation for your end result. That being said, during your colour consultation PLEASE be honest with me about what you’ve done/ had done to your hair in the past. There is no shame in admitting to box dying your hair! Telling me the truth is much better than having a disaster happen due to a chemical reaction! Most times, your desired result can’t be achieved in only one session and sometimes unfortunately, your desired result just isn’t possible due to the condition of your hair. As a hairstylist, my number one priority is making sure you actually leave with hair on your head and not have it chemically burned right off. So… for that to happen it means I need to protect the integrity of your hair! Sometimes years of box dye while wanting to go platinum blonde is just not a realistic expectation to have. My main piece of advice for clients with colour corrections: try not to have high expectations. My main piece of advice for stylists doing a colour correction: give your client low expectations and over-deliver with the end result!

How much does a colour correction cost?
Because every colour correction is so different, it really depends on the correction, the stylist and the salon. To get a quote, it is best to go into a salon and have a consultation with a colourist! Some stylists charge $100-200 an hour for a colour correction and some charge per process. Also, after your correction, it is likely that some damage has occurred to your hair if lightening was involved. Be sure to invest in some good quality products to preserve the colour you just invested in!

Hopefully this helps you out on your journey to transformation! 🙂

Images courtesy of pinterest.com