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Hair Extensions, Yay or Nay?!

If you’re looking for low maintenance and easy, then hair extensions will not be your best friend.

We all want or have once wanted beautiful, long, Disney princess hair at some point and the sad reality for some of us is, it’s almost impossible without the aid of hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions are my go-to. As a girl with a lob (long bob), sometimes my styling options are limited. Sometimes I want to feel like a Disney princess. I went out and bought a set of 14 inch human hair clip in hair extensions from my local beauty supply and have never looked back. Clip-ins are great because there is zero commitment involved. You can choose whether you want to wear them or not. The downside to clip ins is that if you don’t put them in right, they can be uncomfortable and VERY visible through your hair. Your best bet is to tease each horizontal section before putting your wefts in to give the clips something to hold on to. This also helps when it comes to making sure your clips aren’t visible! Clip-ins are also great for special occasions to add a little “umph” to your upstyle. Tape- in extensions, microbead extensions, fusion, wefts, etc are all slightly more “permanent” semi- permanent hair extension options. Normally for these types of extensions you buy/ pay for the hair and then also pay a professional to install them for you in whichever method you decide suits your lifestyle best. These are much more costly to have done and also a lot more commitment! After your extensions are installed, depending on the method, you should have them reinstalled/ tightened at least every three months. Leaving them in longer than three months is essentially a recipe for disaster and your new growth above the bead/ tape/ glue will become a matted rat’s nest. Also, washing your hair less is recommended to avoid aggravating and loosening the bond. Oh, AND your brushing and styling routine will be much different too. You have to be very careful brushing and combing through your hair with certain types of bonds because the last thing you want to do is rip out your new, and expensive weave! The one great thing about these extensions is that you can literally wake up with great hair! If, after all of this maintenance has been taken into consideration, you’re still interested in having hair extensions installed, please make sure you see a reputable professional! There is nothing worse than damaged hair after a bad extension installation job. 🙁 Another thing to note: be careful when it comes to sew-in extensions. The braids that the hair extensions are sewn into are super tight, which can cause serious breakage in fragile hair. Make sure to give your hair a break in between!

At the end of the day, extensions that are done well and taken care of could just be your solution to that Disney princess hair goal!

Images courtesy of fashiontimes.com