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Quarantine Chronicles: How to Care for Your Hair in the Meantime

First off, I would like to say how much the Lucido team and I miss you all! We can’t wait to get back to our salon in Burlington, Ontario. These are very strange times for us and I want to send my love to you all. Try not to spend too much time stressing, and try to enjoy this well- deserved down time with your loved ones and just with yourself. This is a fabulous time to get to know our true selves without all of the distractions of every day busy life! Rest assured, I know a lot of you will be taking matters (*cough* hair) into your own hands, so read below for some tips on caring for your hair at home. Here’s to hoping we don’t all look like Chewbacca by the time this is over!

1. Let your natural oils run free throughout your hair! Go a few extra days in between washes. This will help to maintain the vibrancy of your colour and keep your hair hydrated. This is a great time to try out some new hairstyles and practice some braids or waves or that super sleek bun (my fav on a dirty hair day). If you’re someone who uses a lot of hot tools, try giving your hair a break and find ways to embrace your natural hair texture!

2. Hair Masks. Leave it in for hours. Use all of the products you usually avoid because maybe it weighs your hair down, or is too hydrating and makes it greasy quicker. I LOVE the Eufora Moisture Mask, it’s so hydrating and doesn’t weigh down your hair! This is the time to give your hair all of the TLC it has missed out on while you’ve been too busy. This is also a great time to prep your hair for your next appointment, especially if you’re a blonde! Strong hair is so important for lightening services.

3. Are your roots driving you mad? If you can’t stand leaving them, my reccomendation would be to use Eufora’s Conceal! Conceal comes in black, dark brown, brown, auburn and blonde. It is a root touch up powder that you apply to your regrowth area in your part line and around your face, and it lasts until you wash it out with shampoo. I wouldn’t recommend using box colour because: A) you could have an allergy to an ingredient in the colour and B) Box dye is a progressive colour and gets darker over time so you could accidentally go too dark and end up needing a colour correction! If you can’t avoid it, I would recommend choosing a colour slightly lighter than the rest of your hair because it’s much easier for us to fix lighter roots than darker roots. Regardless what you choose, we won’t judge!

4. Blonde starting to get a bit brassy? Using a purple shampoo or purple conditioner once a week will help with that. Try not to overuse purple shampoo though, as it can start to build up over time, making it appear darker and making it more difficult to lighten your hair in the future. My favourite treatment for blondes is Eufora Blonde Colour Revive. It’s a purple colour mask that removes yellow tones and hydrates the hair all in one!

5. Is your fade..well.. no longer a fade? I can only imagine how brutal that must feel. Your best bet is to have your quarantine buddy touch up around your hairline in the meantime to keep it nice and clean looking. Play with some products and try styling your short hair in different ways! You might decide you enjoy the more rugged, lived-in look. Plus it gives us more creative freedom for makeovers when we get you back in the salon!

I hope these tips help! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just need an ear to listen.

Images courtesy of starwars.fandom.com