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Sun Salvation x Aloetherapy

Well, it’s summer time (finally) in Canada, and the sun is beating down! To celebrate the sun, Eufora has launched a campaign called “Sun Salvation” featuring all of their Aloetherapy products and their Beautifying Elixirs Leave In Repair Treatment. If you purchase any of the Aloetherapy products, you get a free gift of a travel size Beautifying Elixirs Leave In Repair Treatment ($10.40 value). We also have the cutest Aloetherapy #BeautyRoadie travel bag which includes a travel size Soothing Hair- Body Cleanse, Soothing Conditioner, Moisture Mist, Soothing Body Moisturizer and Sculpture Styling Glaze (a cult favourite). This kit also comes with the free travel size Leave In Repair Treatment. If you’re new to Eufora, read below for a little info on the Aloetherapy line.

Did you know that within 26 seconds of applying a product, your skin will absorb 60% of that product? So if you are using products with harmful ingredients/ parabens/ chemicals, your skin is absorbing those and sending them directly into your bloodstream. Scary, right?! Eufora’s line is made from naturally derived ingredients and is based in cold- pressed, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera, with the exception of a few styling products and the Beautifying Elixirs line. Not only does this mean these shampoos and conditioners are not diluted with water, BUT it is actually ten times better for your scalp and skin. Being that it is summer, and everything gets sun damaged, dry and flaky, Eufora’s Aloetherapy line is a life saver! Aloetherapy is amazing for any scalp, skin or hair. This line can be used on both your hair and body. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dry scalp, dandruff or generally have sensitive skin, I would highly recommend investing in this line. The aloe stem cells combined with water lily and oat avenanthramides aid in cooling, soothing and hydrating the skin. The line consists of five different products, the Aloetherapy Soothing Hair and Body Cleanse, Soothing Conditioner, Moisture Mist, Soothing Body Moisturizer and Soothing Lip Moisturizer. These products are all very rich and viscus so a little goes a long way. Itchy scalp tip: make sure to apply the conditioner to the scalp as it is key in moisturizing the scalp and soothing itchiness! Moisture mist and Soothing Body Moisturizer combined is also the holy grail of sunburn remedies.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer, with plenty of sun filled adventures. ☀️

Images courtesy of eufora.net