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The Why’s and How’s of Undercutting

2017 was an especially adventurous year for both clients and hair stylists. 2017 inspired people to let go a little and try something new and exciting with their hair! Whether it be bright hair colours, edgy hair cuts or hints of pastel. One trend, that always makes its way back around, is the undercut!

WHY? Last year, its seemed as though undercuts were mostly used as a form of creative expression or for a more “edgy” look. Although, undercuts can also be used in a technical aspect to remove difficulties in the hairline. Undercutting techniques can be used to remove unwanted curl or difficult growth patterns around the base of the hairline in a short hair cut while still keeping the length up top. Basically, an undercut can be your saving grace to getting your haircut to sit perfectly!

HOW? Undercutting is not limited to the underneath of the hair. Undercutting can also be done in a less severe way with a pixie cut or men’s cut(for example) on the sides, to give a disconnected look or to remove curl underneath. It’s not limited to young people or men, this is a technique that can be used for people of any age, with any hair texture or length. Depending on your hair cut, you can even keep your undercut a hidden secret if you prefer a more conservative look. Undercutting can be done with either a scissors-over- comb technique to create a softer look or with clippers to create a faded look or even a design. It is imperative to section the hair very precisely for this technique for it to look tidy and sharp.

Hopefully this opens up your mind to trying new techniques that will ultimately work best for your hair. Please remember, us hairstylists always have your best interests at heart. ♥

Images courtesy of hairstyleslife.com & hairmotive.com