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Trending: Hair Accessories

2018 and 2019 have been all about hair accessories, and it seems the trend will live on through to 2019. We are seeing so many 90’s hair accessories resurrecting! Now would be the perfect time to raid your local Burlington Claire’s or hair salon for some cute, affordable hair accessories! We have some super cute clips and scrunchies here at Lucido’s! Here are a few things to add to your accessory arsenal.

Scarves have become a must-have hair accessory this year. Light, satin, summery scarves are being used to spice up basic ponytails, as a head band and even to lace through braids! Opt for royal blues or bright yellows for a bold summer look.

I’ve been seeing so many hair styles accessorized with barrettes on the runway this year. Zadig and Voltaire and Michael Kors featured simple lived- in waves accessorized with multiple barrettes in New York Fashion Week. A pinned back look with a few simple barrettes down the centre- back of the head can create a modern, minimalistic style.

90’s Comb Hair Bands
Drugstore hair accessories meets runway?! Who knew we’d see the day. In the 90’s, these bands would be worn with a messy, crimped bun style. Now, these comb hair bands are being paired with a slicked back, tidy bun or down with slicked back straight hair. I love that things from decades ago are making a come back. You can probably find these things buried under your bathroom sink!

Banana Jaw Clip
Alexander Wang featured their own chrome- finished banana jaw clips on the New York Fashion Week runway. This accessory was paired with a very similar style to the comb hair bands. A tidy half up, half down look with a tousled wave and mini banana jaw clip is also super trendy!

Scrunchies are back with a bang! They make for such a great way to accessorize a boring pontail or half up, half down look. Another great bonus with opting for a scrunchie over a regular hair elastic is that it puts less of a strain on your hair which means the breakage is kept to a minimum.

This year we are seeing TONS of clips, and it reminds me of being in primary school (in the best way possible)! I am a sucker for a sleek middle part accessorized with cute clips on either side for a symmetrical, statement look. There are oversized, bedazzled clips, tiny ones with trendy designs like leopard print, or even geometrical slides! They are amazing for when you want your hair out of your face, but still want some of your hair down. They are also great for when your hair is dirty but you’re not ready for a wash day yet! Distraction via cute accessories ;).

The secret to sporting hair accessories, is pairing them with a simple hairstyle! Although 90’s accessories are back, you don’t want to over-do it on the 90’s vibe. ♥

Images courtesy of eufora.net