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Urban Angels; A Spring/ Summer Collection

Who’s ready for spring?! Everyone here in Burlington, Ontario is desperately waiting for this winter to be over. What better way to encourage spring to come sooner than by embracing the upcoming spring trends for 2019?

Monica and I recently attended Eufora’s Global Connection 2019, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of breathtaking and truly inspiring. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching people who have worked their butts off to get where they are, and watch them demonstrate and showcase their passion on stage. This spring/ summer collection was inspired by Philip Carreon, Eufora’s Creative Director, with the help of Eufora’s incredible national team. Urban Angels conveys how two contrasting styles can co-exist and come together beautifully. The edgy, disheveled and grungy look inspired by street style is met with the elegance, muted tones and softness of an angel. This collection is all about TEXTURE *insert heart eyes emoji here*! Time to bust out the Eufora Curl’n line and Sea Spritz! The hair cuts are all slightly shag- inspired, but with a lot more deconstruction and disconnection. The muted, gradient colour with lots of warmth gives the haircuts a soft and natural, feminine vibe. Check out more photos of the collection on eufora.net. I’m so happy that we’re bringing warmth back into hair colour! There is nothing better than finding the perfect warm tone to accentuate your guests skin tone and eye colour. Call your stylist to find out which tones and styles will suit you and your hair best!
Here’s to spring transformations and encouraging spring to hurry up! Happy March! ♄

Images courtesy of eufora.net